Design is a complex business activity balancing interests at the nexus of art and commerce. The increasing sophistication of design and complexity of commerce requires that designers have a basic understanding of how the law influences their work and, in some cases, how they create. The Martinez Group PLLC, founded and guided by a designer turned intellectual property attorney, has the unique ability to assess and manage the designer’s particular set of legal issues.

Our extensive experience as former designers, Design Patent Examiners and in the courts in connection with a wide range of designers’ legal needs enables us to advise and represent our clients with a degree of sophistication that is almost unmatched by the average law firm.

The Martinez Group practice is devoted almost exclusively to assisting businesses and design professionals start, grow and protect their businesses and intellectual property assets. Clients vary in size from small businesses and solo designers to multinational design firms responsible for billion dollar projects.

The Martinez Group strives to tailor its services to the business needs of its clients. Attention to detail, and close personal attention are key parts of its service philosophy.







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