No one likes to contemplate the prospect of being sued or having to sue a client or another designer. From a business perspective, it is often a terrible waste of energy and financial resources. However, there are times when it is necessary to seek the assistance of a third party, a court, to resolve a dispute. Designers expose themselves to some liability with every project they undertake. Designers who create and license their work to others often find themselves in the position of having to demand compensation from unlicensed uses or outright infringement. At The Martinez Group PLLC, we have been responsible for actions that have resulted in multi-million dollar settlements for our clients. In all circumstances, it is our goal to resolve issues without losing sight of our client’s business needs or their financial resources.

Designers should understand that a well-executed intellectual property protection program is also a good business practice. Simple, cost-effective measures taken at the right time can often result in a quick, financially effective settlement. We have worked with many of our clients to help them establish an intellectual property protection program that is tailored to their working methods and fits within their resources. Several of our clients have seen the costs associated with protecting their work returned many times over.








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